2017 Calendar

These presentations are a part of our 2nd Saturday of the month meetings held at the Bastrop Public Library, 1100 Church St., Bastrop, TX at 1:00-4:00 pm.

Each meeting we will have the ShotBox set up for anyone who wants to use it to take pictures of your Heirlooms. You only need to bring your smart phone!

(Subject to change so stay connected with us here or through Facebook)

January 14 Learn about the Family History Library for your Research and Setting your 2017 Goals
February 11 Tax Rolls to Prove Births, Deaths, Marriages, Parentages & Origin
March 11 Recreate Lost WWI Records
April 8 Using NARA’s Finding Aids and Website!Guest Speaker: Jacquie Demsky Wilson, Genealogy Advisor at Round Rock Public Library and formerly at the National Archives.
May 13 Discovering Methodist Circuit Riders on the Frontier
June 10 That She May Marry Again: Private Laws of Federal and State Government
July 8 Identity Crisis: Right Name, Wrong Man? Wrong Name, Right Man?
August 12 Researching at the Midwest Genealogy Center
September 9 Becoming American: Research with Naturalization Records
October 14 Researching Your French-Canadian Ancestors Online
November 11 Catholic Records are for non-Catholics, too!
December 9 Genealogy 101: Open-House provides a time to visit the Research Room and discover Resources.

~~~~~~~~~~~~2016 Calendar~~~~~~~~~~~


(Subject to change so stay connected with us here or through Facebook)

January 9 Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor: US Immigration & Ships’ Passengers
February 13 Epidemics and Pandemics: Their Impact on our Research
March 12 Dead Men Talking: Using Probate & Estates to solve Problems
April 9 No Vital Records? Identifying Birth & Death Substitutes
May 14 Discovering Female Ancestors
June 11 7 Ways to Jump Start Your Research
July 9 Convicts to the Colonies: Transportation Prior to 1776 from Britain to the Colonies
August 13 The Oregon Trail: A 2,000 mile walk talked about as long as they lived
September 10 Timelines: The Straight Line between You and Your Ancestor
October 8 The Petticoat War: Women’s Roles in the Civil War Era
November 12 Genealogy & Social Media provided Jacquie Wilson
December 10 Open House- Come visit us in the Research Room and let us know how your research is going! Whether you are just starting or are years into the fun…